Time Out Against Domestic Violence

Introducing our first annual awareness program for high school students, “Time Out Against Domestic Violence.”

As a recent study by Concordia University confirmed, coaches provide “important moral guidance” for their players* (Sandra Palaez, Science Daily, 2011). Accordingly, a sports platform with coaches participating is an ideal way to reach young people and educate them about healthy, respectful relationships.

“Time Out Against Domestic Violence” is comprised of four parts:

  1. A short video discussing the many harmful effects arising from domestic violence, shown at a practice. Link: http://www.ted.com/talks/leslie_morgan_ steiner_why_domestic_violence_victims_don_t_leave
  2. Pledge forms to be signed by players, managers and coaches
  3. An announcement made during a time out or intermission of a basketball game being played near the end of January or February
  4. Team players wearing purple socks for awareness during the game mentioned above

All the materials and socks will be provided by St. Martha’s Hall.

With a team approach, we can change the future and defeat domestic violence. Please call Katy or Michelle at St. Martha’s Hall at 314-533-1313 with any questions.

We will post the schedule of games and schools participating as we get more information!

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