Abuse is all about power and control.

Battering: “Battering” refers to physical assault, ranging from pushing to life- threatening behaviors. Abuse includes physical, sexual or emotional attacks. We work from the premise that abuse occurs on a continuum.

Abuse: Abuse is a behavior, which, regardless of one’s intentions, dominates or controls someone, or inhibits someone from making a free choice. Examples of abusive behavior include: verbal put-downs, name-calling, ignoring, withholding, stonewalling, lying, manipulating, raising one’s voice, commanding, and threats of punishment for your own purposes.

Violence: Violence is any action or behavior, which causes fear. It is violent to use fear as a tool to control another person’s behavior. Examples include: threatening to hit or hurt, sudden movements, yelling, breaking things, and menacing or intimidating looks, gestures, or actions.

Physical Violence: Physical Violence is any controlling behavior using physical contact. This is what most people call abuse. Examples include: pushing, restraining, grabbing, hitting, slapping, wrestling, unwanted sexual contact, hurting pets, and the use of weapons.

Domestic Violence: It is a pattern of assaultive and coercive behaviors that adults or adolescents use against their current or former intimate partners.