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Mother’s Day Tribute Campaign

Mother’s Day Tribute

Mother’s Day traditionally celebrates women who give birth to or adopts a child. Saint Martha’s sees motherly traits in ALL women.

Sacrifice. Fierce protection. Gentle nurturing.   A listening ear.  Respite when we are weary.  She celebrates our accomplishments and holds us when we struggle.

The spirit of motherhood is felt throughout Saint Martha’s. The women we serve share love, kindness, and encouragement with one another and with us.  

Those who work at Saint Martha’s tirelessly give of themselves to uplift those we serve, to support coworkers, and to help guide our community through difficult and violent times.

This Mother’s Day, help us celebrate by honoring the special women in your life who have shared a piece of themselves with you in hopes of making your day brighter and creating a better world for all of us.

 Diana C.
Advocate, 28 years

Saint Martha’s serves women and children who are impacted by domestic violence by providing shelter and resources.
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