An Advocacy and Resource Center

The Saint Martha’s drop-in center program helps individuals impacted by domestic violence, including resources for families and friends concerned about a loved one. The center offers a welcoming environment where someone in any stage of an abusive relationship can feel comfortable seeking our services.

Crisis Intervention & Support

Advocates are available during operating hours to provide compassion, help, and hope to individuals in crisis, or are wanting to speak with someone about their situation.

Safety Planning

We work with individuals impacted by domestic violence to create individual safety plans that think four steps ahead of their abuser, including plans for home, work, school and exit plans to leave safely.

Referrals to Community Agencies

We connect our clients to the services they need, like housing assistance, social services, job training programs, and legal assistance.

Support for Friends & Family

Friends and family who are concerned about a loved one can find education and resources on how to best support them.

Thank you for treating me like a human first and not make me fill out all of this paperwork before even talking to me.


Drop-In Center Visitor

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A life free of abuse is waiting for you and your children. You do not need to figure this out alone.