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Making the decision to leave is not easy. When is it safe for a woman to leave? Where will she go? How will she get there? The shelter can help her think through options and develop a safety plan. If we don’t have open beds available, we can still help her safety plan and work to find openings elsewhere.

Security & Confidentiality

The safety of a woman and her children is our highest priority. The shelter has a private address and 24/7 security monitoring, among other safety measures.

Individual Bedrooms

Each family has a separate, private space where they can rest without fear, in addition to the shared living and dining rooms, kitchen, and play room.

Basic Needs

The most important thing is a woman’s safety, even if that means leaving behind the necessities. At the shelter, we provide meals, toiletries, emergency clothing, linens, and personal care items for residents’ convenience and comfort.


Individual, group, and family therapy is available to current and former residents, both adults and children.

Support for Children

A safe place is provided for each child who enters shelter. We discuss physical and emotional safety in relationships, teach coping skills, and provide support to the whole family to build resilience.

Individual & Group Support

Through one-on-one and group meetings, a woman can learn about domestic violence, identify her strengths, and build additional knowledge and skills. We provide parenting support for the special needs of children who have experienced domestic violence.

Personalized Next Step Plans

We work with each resident so she may identify her goals and the steps she would like to take to achieve them. Support doesn’t have to end after she leaves shelter. We remain committed to her, whenever she needs continued support, including referrals to other community agencies.

There is no judgement here. You can truly be honest about what’s going on in your life, and Saint Martha’s immediately makes you feel at ease.

Shelter Resident

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A life free of abuse is waiting for you and your children. You do not need to figure this out alone.