For over 20 years, Jessica Woolbright has been dedicated to the passionate support of women and children who experience domestic violence. She felt an early calling for this work as a child. Her parents exposed her to social issues and demonstrated caring for others by fostering children.

Jessica has been with Saint Martha’s since 2000, when she was a graduate student and working as the Children’s Program Coordinator. “I’ve stayed with (Saint Martha’s) because I’ve witnessed the transformative power of women supporting women. …Carrying on this tradition by working alongside Saint Martha’s talented staff to lift up and advocate for women who experience domestic violence is my life’s work.”

Jessica is certified as an expert witness in domestic violence cases in the state of Missouri. She has sat on the Membership Committee and Board of Directors for the Missouri Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence and numerous other statewide committees.

Jessica is a frequent speaker and trainer in the community, presenting on domestic violence and its effects on children to law enforcement, medical professionals, attorneys, students, social and government organizations, and social service agencies. She has received the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence Lifetime Impact Award for her unwavering dedication to women.

“I am honored to lead an organization that sees itself as a social justice agency just as much as a social service agency. Every day, our incredibly dedicated team comes together to uplift women who have experienced domestic violence by giving them what they need to end their abuse.”

When sleeping women wake, mountains move.

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