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Elizabeth Story

“Trauma really does rewire the brain; Saint Martha’s gave me space to forgive myself for not being ok.”

When Elizabeth and her daughter came to Saint Martha’s, you could see the years of abuse had taken a toll. Elizabeth’s shoulders were slumped and her mood was heavy. The abuse she suffered stripped her of her dignity, leaving her feeling ashamed and worthless.

Throughout her stay at Saint Martha’s, Elizabeth was given the dignity, safety, advocacy, and stability to begin her healing journey. Elizabeth found community through support groups, set personal goals, and focused on healing—for herself and her daughter. Slowly, Elizabeth began to change. Her voice became stronger, and she spoke with a renewed confidence. Her face began to light up. With the help of Saint Martha’s, Elizabeth obtained secure housing at a supportive transitional housing program.

When Elizabeth left Saint Martha’s, she was equipped with the knowledge that she could live an independent life, free from abuse. She was able to do that because she called Saint Martha’s and started the path of healing.

For privacy reasons, names and photos have been changed.

Saint Martha’s serves women and children who are impacted by domestic violence by providing shelter and resources.
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